And so ends the 2nd Comic-Con storyline!

We’re going to show a preview of Tiny Unicorn on Thursday and then all next week is ROXIE WEEK!!!!!!! That’s right, we’re running a special 5-part story Monday through Friday featuring our favorite mohawked rebel rouser.

If all goes well look for more Roxie solo adventures in the future!

Look for the regular strip to return on Monday the 15th.

Oh, and don’t forget about our special offer for the book Antigone:

Antigone stands against King Creon for the right to bury her dead brother. This new version of the Oedipus trilogy is a Goth fantasy, mixing ancient and modern — a dark, twisted, distorted perspective, playfully obscure. From writer David Hopkins and artist Tom Kurzanski with epilogue by Greek literature expert Aaron Nelson Thomas. Published by Christian Beranek. 32 pages B&W on quality paper with hardstock cover.

*All books will be shipped week of September 15th*




“Antigone is a great adaptation of an ancient play that is both entertaining and powerful, making for a morality play that resonates centuries after the original was penned.”
– Matthew McLean, The Comics Review

“A compelling mashup unlike anything else on the stands. It’s always a comfort to see a creator like David Hopkins trying new things with the form.”
– Miles Gunter, writer for NYC Mech, Zombee, and Bastard Samurai

“Plot-wise, nothing is altered from the source material, yet what Hopkins has altered is just this side of brilliant. Antigone is a superior work that bridges the gap between comic books and literature.”
– Dave Baxter, Broken Frontier

“Antigone is a classicist’s dream, a great example of how relevant and exciting these stories really are. It’s a comic fan’s delight, as it’s got a nice fresh look, a great sense of design and a witty and refreshing writing style. Whether you’re into Aeschylus or Action Comics, you’ll love it.”
– Leah Moore, writer for Wild Girl, Albion, Tom Strong’s Terrific Tales

$6.50 US price w/shipping

$10.00 International price w/shipping