Kelci here! Before I go any further…

Validation will return to updating regularly on November 27th.

But don’t leave yet! I have another announcement:

Last month I did Inktober, the artist challenge to draw an ink drawing everyday during October. For Inktober I drew witches! Because…witches are cool. (Ok to be fair I go more in-depth about it on my blog.)

Now, all those sketches have been compiled into Witches: The Sketchbook, and the book is now on KickStarter! The goal is to get $500 for printing and order fulfillment. And as of this writing we’re $39 shy of making the goal!

So, if you can, check out the campaign and consider making a pledge. Here’s the link to the campaign. Rewards include copies of the book, the original sketches from Inktober, mini-prints, and zines.

If you’re broke (and I suspect lots of you are), PLEASE share the link with your witch-loving buddies. It helps way more than you know.

(And don’t worry, this KickStarter’s success or failure will not affect Validation’s return date. It will still be cool if you can support and/or share the KickStarter campaign.)

Thank you so much for your support!

You. Are. Awesome.