Hiya! We’re taking a few days off to bring up something we hope you choose to be a part of. Validation is a free webcomic to read but it costs money to make. We rely on online & convention sales, Kickstarter, and Patreon to help fund our efforts. With PATREON we offer quite a bit for $1 a month of support. In addition to sneak peeks of upcoming comics, there are downloads, behind-the-scenes articles such as From Script to Page, and exclusive art. In the future we will even be debuting original prose stories focusing on characters from the Validation universe. For the cost of tipping a barista at Starbucks (or better yet, a cool local spot) you can help support Validation and gain access to even more content in return. Thank you for taking the time to read this! If you want to know more on how to subscribe please click HERE.

*Note: The above image is a screen shot from Kelci’s computer. It shows Comic #455 in progress. That’s just one cool thing you get to see if you join up. Thanks again!*