Validation is the story of Ally, a transgender girl doing her best to live a fulfilling day-to-day life.


Christian Beranek

Christian Beranek is a writer, producer and musician. She has written background material for David Fincher’s film Se7en, Babylon AD and Max Payne and in 2008 signed a producer deal with Walt Disney Pictures. In 2010 she helped launch The Webcomic Factory with Tony DiGerolamo. She likes coffee, dinosaurs and rock n’ roll. She has a home base in Cerrillos, New Mexico and travels often.


Kelci Crawford

Kelci Crawford is a comic artist, cartoonist, and professional daydreamer. When she’s not working on Validation, she can be found drawing Johnson & Sir and Charlie & Clow, updating her blog, or going on adventures. She currently resides in a tiny town in southeastern Ohio.


Nick Beranek

Nick Beranek is a web developer out of Richmond, VA. He lives with his lovely family of 2 daughters and his wonderful wife, Heather. His interests include Gardening, Video Games, and Indie rock. He works for Capital One as a front-end developer and consultant on the Digital Accessibility Team, helping customers with disabilities have a better experience online.